What’s This About?

The Really Simple System is designed to “funnel” traffic for our members.

Everything in the sidebar of this site is “branded” to the person who referred you to this system.

So you’re seeing their contact info, a featured video, and a Featured link.

They probably got your here by sharing a post on social media, or promoting one of our many wacky landing pages.

If the person is a $10 upgraded Pro Member, you’re also seeing 3 of their “Mystery Links”. (otherwise, if they’re not upgraded, you’re seeing the links of the pro members who referred them…)

If this all sounds interesting to you, you can click here and grab a free account now.

Otherwise, If you’re already a member of this system and you’re wondering why you’re not seeing your own stuff there, it’s because you always see your referring affiliate’s info. If you want to see how your stuff looks to your referrals open up your affiliate link up in a totally new browser window or a different device.