Use A Webhook For Other Autoresponder Integration

If you prefer not to use the featured autoresponder integrations, you can add people to your email list by setting a webhook that will “fire” whenever you refer a new member.

The parameter “email” will be added to the end of it, with the email of your referred member.

Like this: [Not logged in]?email=[No Email Id Found]

Enter the webhook you’d like to fire in the box below…

Note: The way to set this up is via Zapier.Com or a direct code/api setup. Rather than try to explain how to do it here, (because it is a bit technical), the best we can do is offer to set it up for you for a $20 Fee…
If interested, Contact us via Facebook Messenger and say which Autoresponder you’d like integrated and we’ll reply with info about how to pay the $20.

Or, if you can do it yourself, pop the webhook in below 🙂

Enter Tracking Script:

Your Webhook As Entered Into System –> [Not logged in]