Step 1 - Complete Your Profile

The information you fill in below will be shown site-wide to anyone you refer to this system.

Be sure to enter your Facebook profile url and if you have one, a “featured link” for whatever it is you happen to be promoting right now.

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  • If you don’t have a “featured link” yet, consider using whatever your referring affiliate is using πŸ™‚
  • If you need help finding your Facebook profile url, shoot friend Ryan on FB @ and shoot him a message that you need help finding your profile url. He’ll reply with it asap…

Step 2 - Meet Your Referring Affiliate

On the right side of this page (or below if you’re on mobile), you’ll see contact information for the person who referred you to this system.

Take a minute to check out their featured link, and also maybe shoot them a quick friend request on Facebook.

This system is designed to make it “really simple” for you to network, build relationships, and make sales from whatever affiliate or business opportunities you decide to promote for years to come.

It all starts with getting to know other “like minded” people, so definitely go ahead and get to know your referring affiliate now! πŸ™‚

Step 3 - Meet Your Affiliate Link & Promo Tools

Your Affiliate link and promotional tools can be found by clicking on the Promo Tools page.

Any time your link is clicked and someone signs up for this system, they’ll be tied to you for life.

Which means…

Any links affiliate links they click in this system will belong to you, and will potentially generate you commissions through both our internal program, and the links you add to the system.

Also, your profile information will show on every page of the site, so over time, your referrals will subconsiously start to “know, like, and trust” you… which will lead to good things over time.

Step 4 - Practice Sharing A Blog Post

Just like with your main affiliate link, every “sharable” blog post on this site has a unique affiliate link for it at the bottom of the post.

Click here to open one of these posts in a new window.

Then scroll to the bottom and practice sharing on Facebook.

Remember, if someone clicks on any of your shared affiliate links, you can earn commissions. So you’ll want to check in for new “sharables” often…

Or… just keep an eye on your email, we’ll notify you as new “sharables” are released.

Step 5 - Send A Quick Email

In order to make sure that system announcements about commissions and new sharables make it to you, we’ll want to make sure your email program knows you’re ok with getting emails from us…

One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending a quick email to us.


Open up your email…

And send the following message to “”

Subject line = “Step 4”

Message = “Hi, just completing step 4….”

That’s it… now there will be a good chance that messages from us make it into your inbox πŸ™‚

Step 6 - Learn How You'll Earn Commissions

There are 2 levels of membership here.

  • If you decide to upgrade to Pro, you’ll earn another $5 recurring on a 2nd tier, which could really become pretty powerful!

To learn more about the optional Pro Membership, click here.

Also remember that this system is designed to help you get clicks to whatever other affiliate programs and business opportunities you want.

So not only will you be earning commissions through our internal program, you’ll also earn them from the links you put into the system.

Step 7 - Start Building Traffic and Adding Revenue Sources

In addition, to the traffic you can get by sharing blog posts, you can also use the sources on the “Traffic Builder” page to start to get more people clicking on your Really Simple System affiliate links.

As an added bonus, many of the featured traffic programs will also pay you commissions if someone you refer decides to pay for traffic.

This will make more sense when you head on over to the Traffic Builder page and configure your first traffic source now…

Ongoing Daily Routine

Nice work completing all the steps above. You’re all set up to start having success with this system.

Moving forward, here’s a routine you can follow on a regular basis.

  • Login To The System
  • See if your Referring Affiliate has added any new links, check them out…
  • Share a Blog post. (remember your affiliate link is automatically included)
  • Work on getting traffic from the sources in the Traffic Builder
  • Reach out to any new affiliates that you’ve referred and say hello. (you’ll get an email whenever you have a referral.)
  • Check the Stats page for any new commissions, request payouts whenever you want.
  • That’s It!

If you decide to upgrade to Pro, then you’ll likely be building your email list, so be sure to also email out any “sharable” blog posts to your audience as a way to re-engage them and pour more fuel on this really simple fire! πŸ™‚