Step 5, Share A Sharable…


Ok, we’re almost done with the FREE, Basic Part of The System…

Down below, you’ll see a running list of “Sharable” Posts that we’re adding to the system.

At the bottom of each post you’ll see “Sharing” Icons that will let you share your affiliate link to the post.

Click on 1 or 2 posts and share them now.

As your friends find your shares, they’ll be clicking on your affiliate links to this system.

If they sign up, you’ll earn “really simple” commissions.

Go ahead, and try sharing a few posts now, then whenever we release new sharables you’ll receive a notice to come back and share, so that in just a minute or 2 a day, you can start to earn affiliate commissions just by clicking and sharing fun content from this site.

And, if you’d like to take things even further, Click Here To Learn About Our Pro Upgrade which will unlock a LOT more of this system for you.