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How To Build Squeeze Pages

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Simple Form Code For Integrating With Other Systems

  • Edit “dripid” to be the id of your drip campaign. (You can find this by clicking on the “i” next to the campaign.)
  • Edit “tags” however you want so you can go back and quickly blast email everyone filling out your form. (use 1 tag, or multiple by using commas)
  • Don’t forget to set your “redirectURL” as needed.


  • FREE – All RSS Users Have A FREE Test Account with up to 10 Leads
  • $9 (Click Here) – Unlimited Squeeze Pages, Unlimited Emailing To Up To 500 Contacts
  • $29 (Click Here) – Unlimited Squeeze Pages, Unlimited Emailing To Up To 5000
  • $49 ( Click Here) – Unlmited Squeeze Pages, Unlmited Emailing To Up To 10,000 Contacts

Higher Volume Plans & Private IP’s are available. Email for pricing.

Affiliate Program / Compensation Structure

You’ll make recurring commissions, 6 levels down on Squeezer Upgrades.

Level 1 – 20%
Level 2 – 20%
Level 3 – 5%
Level 4 – 5%
Level 5 – 5%
Level 6 – 5%