Step 1 - Activate Facebook Messenger Updates

Welcome to the Really Simple System .

This system is designed to be the fastest & easiest way for anyone to start earning $$ online.

As a FREE Member, you’ll earn:

  • $.25 cents every time you share the system, and one of your referrers authorizes Facebook Messenger Updates
  • $5 (paid within 1 business hour) every time one of your referrals upgrades to our Pro Membership

In order to unlock your ability to start earning commissions, click the button below to authorize Facebook Messenger Updates.

We use these updates to help keep you, and more importantly, the people you refer engaged, and working the system.

The true power of this feature will start to make sense in the coming days, but for now all you have to do is:

Click Here To Activate Updates Via Facebook Messenger

Step 2 - Tell The System How You Want To Be Paid

Commissions for your $5 (or $10) Pro Upgrade commissions are paid semi-instant (within 1 business hour) to whatever option you choose below.

$.25 Per Lead Commissions are paid upon request whenever you pass a $3 threshold. More details about this and your stats can be found on the “account” page above.

For this step:

Please Choose How You’d Like To Be Paid By Clicking Below

Payment Preference
How Would You Like To Be Paid
*Checks can only be mailed in the United States

Step 3 - Share A Sharable

Up at the top of the page you’ll see a link for “Sharables”

At the bottom of each Sharable post is are “share buttons” you can use to share that post.

Whenever you share, you’ll be sharing your affiliate link back to that post.

Which means, if someone clicks your shared post, and decides to become a Really Simple System member, you can start earning commissions.

Click here to open and share a sharable in a new window now.

Step 4 -Use Your Affiliate Link To Invite a Few Friends

Think about 5 People you know who might be interested in Affiliate or Network Marketing, and send them this quick message right now:

Hi, could you do me a favor? I’m trying out this “Really Simple System” thing… Can you sign up through my link and let me know what you think? Sorry, you must log in before you can view this content. Click here to log in… Thanks! (It’s totally FREE and if you make a free account I’ll make a little $$$)

The script above contains your affiliate link, so if any of your friends sign up you can start to earn your first commissions.

You can also find a bunch ore affiliate links and promotional resources on the Promote Page.

Step 5 -Meet Your Referring Affiliate

By now you’vve probably noticed the Video, Featured Links, and Mystery Links on the side of this page?

Thos links belong to your “PRO Referring Affiliate,” and they’re VERY Powerful!

Take a minute to watch the video and click the links.

Also be sure to send your Pro Referring affiliate a Facebook Friend request.

In the process of doing this, keep in mind how the system has been “funneling” you towards getting to know that person and click their links.

And how it’s going to work the same way for you if you become a Pro Referring affiliate yourself 🙂

Step 6 - Upgrade To PRO (Optional)

As an upgraded member, you’ll

  • Double Your Commissions From $5 to $10 on Pro Upgrades
  • Unlock The Pro Affiliate Sidebar (that helps build your personal brand and generates a LOT of extra traffic for whatever you’re promoting from day to day)
  • Get Access To A Bunch Of Extra Training Content
  • Be Able To Integrate An Email Autoresponder and Add All Your New Referred Members To Your Email List

And More..

Click here to learn about the Really Simple System “PRO” Upgrade Now.