How To Run Facebook Ads For Your Home Based Business Opportunity

You may or may not know it already, but Facebook doesn’t like “Make Money” & MLM opportunities…

So if you want to use Facebook ads to build your home based business you have to get a little creative.

What we like to do is create content geared toward a specific demographic, or profession that might be interested in our business.

Then we create a piece of content for them, which gets included as a “Sharable” on this site.

And then, we run a Facebook ad that drives traffic to our affiliate link for the post, knowing that our featured and “mystery” links will inevitably get clicked… generating us leads for whatever we want from day to day. Even our “Pyramid Schemes… 🙂 ”

Here below is a video that explains this all in better detail, with a specific walk-thru about how to go about creating an ad…


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