VIP Program

Upgrade For Just A 1-Time, $19 Payment Today…

Here’s what you get:

The ability to post 3 VIP Ads A Day, For Life

These ads are seen in the scrolling ticker above, and in various places around the site to both logged in, and “not logged in” traffic. (They get LOTs of Clicks from our large membership of Active affiliates who actually buy stuff)

The ability to add a VIP Video That Shows In The Sidebar To Your Referrals

You can change your video as often as you want. Use it to build your brand, and rapport with the people you’re referring. Or simply promote whatever you want from day to day.

Add 3 Featured VIP Links (Change As Often As You Want)

See those 3 Links under the video in the sidebar? They get clicked, A LOT by the people you refer.

Use them to promote your primary opportunity, or change from day to day based on what you’re promoting at the time.

Fully Branded LOGIN Page That Your Referrals All See

Every time your referrals log in, they’ll see your video and your 3 VIP Links front and center before proceeding into the site.

Add A Link To Any Email List Building Capture Page

All your referrals will see a note to “Join Your Sponsor’s Email List” every time they login, and in the sidebar of the whole site.

Suggest A FREE Traffic Program For Addition To Our “Traffic Sources” Page

In addition to being added to the Traffic Sources page on the site, your recommended Traffic Source will be added to an evergreen drip email autoresponder campaign.

You’ll be the “top affiliate” in your suggested program, and anyone else joining through this system will be joining under you, (starting with Ryan.)

This last benefit alone is way worth the 1-Time, Lifetime Price Of VIP Admission Today 🙂