11 Youtube “Upload Date” Filtered Searches That’ll Help You Learn Fun NEW Stuff

Everyone knows that you can find free videos about almost any topic you want, but did you also know you can “filter” your youtube searches so you're always seeing the most recent & new content being uploaded about a specific topic?

Ok maybe you did know that, but how often do you actually do it? 🙂

To help save you some time searching and filtering, here's 11 “Quick Filtered Search” links you can use.

Fun right?

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Oh Also.. In Case You Want To Know How To Filter Your Own Searches To Show The Most Recent Results, Here's How:

  • Run Your Search
  • Click on “Filter” (toward the left on desktop, icon at top right on mobile)
  • Choose “Upload Date”

… and your search will be sorted to show the most recent uploads first.

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