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Get Familiar With Your Promotional Tools

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We frequently add new sharables, email swipes, banners, and landing pages. Keep an eye on the Facebook group for details about new tools.

Make Your First Few $$$$

Practice Sharing A Sharable


Email A Few Friends

Send The Following Email To A Few Friends (it has your affiliate link inside:

SUBJECT: “Have you tried this yet?”

Body: I’m trying out this “Really Simple System” affiliate marketing thing. It’s free to join but the really small upsell offer is pretty interesting.

Can you do me a favor and sign up under my link, then let me know what you think?


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Add Your Links For The Programs That People Use To Earn $1.35 Up Front

As part of this funnel, we offer your referrals the chance to make their first $1.35 up front before paying for the system. When they click to use these options they’ll be joining affiliate programs under your links.

Click the links below to join those programs and input your affiliate links. (You’ll earn commissions as people join under you, so even if you haven’t taken the $1.35 upgraade yet you can make money from these…

Get Paid To Build Your Email List

Building an Email list is fundamental to building your business online. In this section you’re going to first enter a link to your email autoresponder into our system (so you can earn affilaite commissions if people use your autoresponder.) Then we’re going to join a few traffic programs that “Pay You To Build Your List”.

See Which Email Autoresponder Your Sponsor Recommends

There are so many great autoresponders in the market and most pay healthy affiliate commissions for referring users. Rather than just pick “1 Autoresponder” to feature in this system we allow you to add your affiliate link for whatever service you use, so as people follow you through this system they can purchase access to your recommended autoresponder using your link.

CLICK HERE To See Which Autoresponder Your Sponsor Recommends

Enter Your Recommended Autoresponder Affiliate Link

If you don’t already have an autoresponder service that you use, we highly recommend you use your sponsor’s recommended service. They’ll be able to help you with configuration and give you other pointers.

But, you’re free to enter any affiliate link for any autoresponder in the box below.

Enter Link:

Your Link As Entered Into System –> %%DAPCUSTOMFIELD_autoresponder%% (will show after entry, please test to make sure is working.)

Join & Configure These Programs

(Don’t forget to add your paypal info and autoresponder code into each system.)

Set & Forget A Never Ending Stream Of Traffic

At this point you’ve accomplished a LOT. As long as you stay consistent about promoting your Really Simple System links, you’ll make commissions from our internal programs, your VIP Links, your autoresponder, the “make money first” programs, and the Instant Commissions Viral List Builders from the last section.

You’ll also be building your list in the process.

Now for this phase of this system, you’re going to configure a series of “Set It & Forget It, Lifetime Traffic” programs.

Each of these programs will let you do a 1 Time setup, pay a 1 time fee, then get traffic “for life”

This is very powerful stuff, because assuming you’ve done everything above, you’ll be effortlessly driving traffic to a funnel that just plain works all while earning commissions and building your list in the process.

Set It & Forget It Lifetime Traffic Programs

  • Leased Ad Space(HIGHLY Recommended. Awesome Instant Commission Comp Plan with VERY High Quality Lifetime Traffic Options)
  • Viral Ad Builder (5 Minute Setup, Lifetime Traffic, INSTANT BITCOIN COMMISSIONS Multiple Levels Down!)
  • 1TAE (Possibly the best Lifetime Upgrade Ever. Ryan received over 2000 clicks and countless RSS signups in first 6 months)

You’re Done! (If You Wanna Be…)

BONUS: Participate In The Invisible Downline Builder

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