Real Estate Agents, Here’s How to Add Multiple Streams of Residual Referral Commissions To Your Business, WITHOUT Ever Selling Another House…

If you sell Real Estate for a living, you’re probably used to working really hard to generate commissions for yourself.

And a lot of times, even if you’ve done everything right, deals fall apart… So in many cases you do the work, then don’t get paid at all.

Not fun right?

Well here’s the good news…

You’re about to see how you can leverage “affiliate” programs to generate effortless, “residual” commissions without going on more listing appointments, showing 20 houses to indecisive buyers, or dealing with silly underwriters who seem hell-bent on killing your deals.

Before we jump in on how to do all this, let’s quickly talk about what “affiliate” programs are… (just in case you don’t already know…)

What Are “Affiliate” Programs?

In case you don’t already know what an “affiliate” program is, it’s where the owner of a product or service is willing to pay you a commission just for sending them a paying customer.

How it works is you sign up as an affiliate with the program.

Then you receive your links to promote.

And when you get people to check out your links, (and they buy the products,) you get paid.

There are a TON of these programs out there, many of which will naturally appeal to your existing traffic, leads, and clients.

Before we show you the 3 programs we’re featuring in this article, here’s a few ways you can get clicks to your affiliate links for these programs:

How To Get Clicks To Your Affiliate Links

  • Add Them To Your Email Signature
  • As a “Hello Bar” or “Exit Pop” on your website
  • As banner ads on your website
  • Embedded in posts on your blog
  • As Specific Promotions in Your Drip Campaigns
  • On your Facebook and other Social media profiles
  • On the back of your business card
  • Word Of Mouth (you can also just manually share links people…)

And lots more… pretty much anywhere you’re getting eyeballs might be an oopportunity to strategically include an affiliate link.

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3 Recommended “Free To Join & Earn” Affiliate Programs For Real Estate Agents

“Personalized” Lead Follow Up and Closing Gifts That Can Be Triggered Automatically VIA Api From Your CRM

Join The Banner Season Affiliate Program now<


Trip Rewards & Incentives That You Can Use As Closing Gifts and To Convert New Leads

Join The Trip Valet Affiliate Program Now


Credit Repair Services , Pays Healthy Commissions on 4 Tiers

Join The Credit Repair Agents Affiliate Program Now


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The page you’re reading right now is part of a larger system called the “Really Simple System.”

The Really Simple System works by letting you plug affiliate links for various programs into the system.. then when you promote various pages in the system the people who join the system after you will click your links to the various programs inside.

It’s a little complicated under the hood, but “really simple” to use…

So… if you want, you can plug your affiliate links for the 3 programs above into this page…

Then use your unique affiliate links to this page to share this article with other agents. When those agents click your shared link and find this page, they’ll also be joining the various programs above under you as a sub-affiliate.

We’ve strategically chosen the programs above, not only because they have legit products, but also because they pay “Multi-Tier” commissions. (Which means if you share this article with another agent, and they start sharing with other agents, you could really profit big!..)

Anyway, all you have to do to get started with this process is plug your links for the 3 programs in the boxes below:

The Boxes to Input Your Affiliate ID’s will Appear After You Create a Really Simple System Account & Come Back To This Page

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