3 Mistakes Network Marketers Make Promoting Their Business Opportunity


I love network and multi-level marketing.  They are the keys (in my opinion) to growing truly passive and residual income.  The products and compensation plans always look great on paper… BUT…

When it comes time to “get your two people” to make the passive and residual life come to reality… they start making these common mistakes.

Not Creating Value <- Mistake #1

It’s real easy to start posting your business opportunity on Facebook and other social media.  You might even come up with a list of friends and family and send them all an email.   And there’s nothing wrong with that once in awhile… but how do you stay in front of people with your link, opportunity and products WITHOUT spamming the crap out of people?

You create value for them.  You show them things that benefit them without hounding them to “take a look at my stuff”.

If you have a health product that you are promoting a health product as part of your opportunity make sure you share straight up health information that has nothing to do with your product.  Be a resource.  And the same goes for any other product.  Be a resource for your prospects so you’re not just pitching your product/opportunity.

Mistake #2 -> Not Creating Relationships

I want to be able to post my home business opportunity link… share it on Facebook… and have people join my opportunity.  Is that really too much to ask for?

Yeah it is.

I’m not saying that if you just do that you won’t have a minor level of success.  But I think most people want income changing success.  They want to be able to fire their boss and travel the world.  Isn’t that what someone promised you when you joined your opportunity?

But for the most part you already violated Mistake #1.  And now you need to NOT violate #2.  So plan on engaging with people and creating relationships with people even if they don’t join your biz opp right away.

People want to do business with others that they “know, like and trust”.  So if you create value for people and then work on creating a relationship with them so they know you have great intentions, you will have much greater success.

Mistake # 3 -> Not Being Consistent With #1 and #2

How many times have you seen Facebook friends post about “this great new thing they are doing and can’t wait to share it with others”?  I’ve seen it a lot.  And that’s okay because it gets peoples attention and “sets the mood” for them to be on the lookout.

And then they start actually posting about the real thing.  But about a month later you never see another thing from them.  That’s pretty common and you’ve probably done it as well.  Because you didn’t get the results your sponsor promised you when you started.

So you need to stay consistent… create value for your prospects… and create long term relationships with your prospects.  This is the key to building a big and sustainable network marketing business.

And the really cool part… you can use the Really Simple System for all three of these things.  It was designed to help you share valuable content (with your biz opp automatically attached).  And when someone starts using the system whether it’s your prospects or your downline (yes you should invite them and help them grow) it’s easy to create a relationship and let the system communicate with them.

And of course it’s easy to stay consistent when you can share valuable and engaging content that turns your prospects into customers.  Grab your free account today.

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